Workshop by Torsten Koerting «Project TurnAround Management»
Identify project crises and manage successfully

add to calendar 2016-06-12 9:00:00 2016-06-13 21:00:00 Europe/Kiev Workshop by Torsten Koerting Project TurnAround Management Kharkiv, Pravdy Avenue, 2, «Kharkiv Palace» June 12 - 13, 2016 Starts at 9 AM
Show place Kharkiv, Ukraine «Kharkiv Palace», Kharkiv

About trainer

Torsten Koerting is at the core of project management, specializing in projects that are in crisis and an expert on challenging ‘Turnaround’ projects. He is the author of several books and an active speaker at many conferences. As a strategic thinker, visionary and management advisor, he also follows his personal pathways, like his family, paragliding, trail-running, and long distance hiking. He is a well known thought leader, and lecturer in MBA classes at global business schools. His passion is to facilitate strategic- and innovative-processes and help people to develop and to recognize their sustainable personal brand and to stand out in today’s noisy world.

His core mission is to help people achieve the objectives and results relevant to them and offer support in taking the next step and reaching the next level.

Is this for you?

In this Workshop, you:

  • Identify the main reasons why projects fail and identify why projects today are becoming more complex
  • Learn to recognise the warning signs and crises of a project at an early stage
  • Receive detailed knowledge about the 5 Phases of the TurnAround
  • Gain in depth knowledge about more than 20 methods and tools to recognise project crises and approach the situation successfully
  • Become aware of the influence of a constructive or destructive mindset and the impact on the project success
  • Reflect on experiences of critical situations and exchange insights with other participants



The agenda for all 5 phases of a successful Project Turn Around is based on the bestseller, ‘Turn Around – when project stand upside down and classic project management fails’, and is enriched by experiences of the Turn Around expert, Torsten Koerting, while complemented by intensive group work on the individual methods, tools and critical incidents.

Day 1

09:00 Introduction and Overview
09:30 Impulse

Projects becoming increasingly complex-experiences and backgrounds

10:00 Phase1 – Recognition
  • What early warning indicators are there?
  • Structured indicators measures and the right measures are derived
  • “The smelly fish rots the head” – the influence of the mind on the project
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 Phase 2 – Analysis
  • Recognise the environment and assess stakeholders properly
  • The project Square as a means of reflection and shared vision
  • Profile the Project Health Check as a means of detailed analysis, deriving circuit inferences and identify measures
  • Recognise by BestFit the mainstays of the project and separate the wheat from the chaff
15:30 Phase 3 – Stabilisation
  • How the right level of project methodology contributes to success
  • The cost-benefit analysis for decision-making and running properly
  • Task Force and ‘important helpers’ included efficiently at the right time
  • How offsite events represent the starting point in a new phase
16:30 Impulse

How a constructive or destructive attitude influences a project

17:00 End of Day and Reflection

Day 2

09:00 Reintroduction and Reflection Lecture
09:30 Impulse

9 Leadership principles for ‘good’ project management and the success of the project

10:00 Phase 4 - Transformation
  • The ‘Interaction Room’ as a place of wrangling common problematic situations, developing solutions, and creating transparency
  • The magic triangle of each project (Togetherness, Findings, Order) as the pillar of strength for everyone involved, and finding the right balance
11:30 Phase 5 - Sustainability
  • How Lessons Learned during and at the end of a project ensure the sustainability and success of a project and enable the success of future projects
  • Only those who want to sustainably deliver sustainable sustainability will sustain middle- and long-term success
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 Critical Incidents
  • How can we learn from previous critical incidents for the future
  • The 5 elements of well-documented incidents
  • Group work: Elaboration of Critical Incidents from their own and presentation in plenary
16:30 Impulse

How colours, warmth and words positively change the culture of a project (Frederik the field mouse)

17:00 End of Day and Reflection


  • It is almost impossible to not be thrilled and rocked by Torsten. He electrifies and shakes up every team. Dirk Schött Siemens AG

  • Torstens energy lasts for three. Unbelievable who and what he is able to move and shake up with his attitude. Niklas Spitczok von Brisinski adesso AG

  • Never before a speech and workshop has created sustainable outcomes like this. Marion Kästner Such Is Time

  • A personality, that moves mountains with aspiration and empathy. Roland Steenbeck BayernLB

  • Torstens enormous energy as a facilitator and speaker enables outcomes for every participant, that otherwise would never be possible. Falk Schmidt PM Camp Rhein-Main

  • With Torsten, you will be driven to your limits and beyond. Thomas Kräuter Such Is Time


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